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Some Random Halloween-Themed Music….

DFA Records + James Murphy Halloween Disco Mash

I’m staying in and trying to finish this book (I’m at p.220 out of 560!) but for those of you partaking in the Satantic rituals, here’s a little season-appropriate, holiday music to get you in the mood. (Promo/PR/marketing companies, artists, DJ’s, ‘mash-up’ artists and producers: don’t get any funny ideas and flood my inbox tonight with any more of this crap – I’m only doing this post to see if it’s Hype Machine-friendly, traffic bait…)

First, a dubstep track sampling the Halloween theme by Beat Mass – “Halloween (FilthStep)” with Benny Beatnik:

Then a little Ludacris vs. Ray Parker Jr. mash-up by the Manila Killa sampling the Ghostbusters theme called the “Ghostbusters Get Low (Manila Killa Halloween Bootleg)”:

Finally, hit the jump to see new Jive records artist, Bei Maejor makes a beat out of ‘Halloween stuff’ and a B-52’s vs. Satan – Monster Mashup 2010 titled, “The Devil’s In My Mix.”

Now that’s actually kind of clever/creative! Upside down (uwop ǝpısdn) always….

Alt. download link: DJ Paul V – The Devil’s In My Mix (B-52’s vs. Satan Monster Mashup 2010) [divshare mp3 link]

For more on that DFA party, CLICK HERE or HERE. Never mind, I didn’t even notice that the party was actually last night! Oh well, I needed something Halloween/scary to post these tracks with anyway so no matter….


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