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[Playlist] Different Kitchen – February ’13 Picks from RDIO

New picks from the blog for February. BTW: did I forget to post my January picks?? CLICK HERE to check them out if I did. And for those of you who haven’t subscribed to RDIO yet, they are now offering a 6 month free trial in Canada, Australia and a bunch (15) of other countries besides just the US so now you kind of have no excuse to not take advantage of this offer to get free, unrestricted access on your computer to just about every record out that is still in release.

The offer is not super well-articulated on their site so here’s more details from one of my friends over there (full disclosure: I do some work with RDIO in my day hustle and they also comp me a free account) for those of you who do sign up and get confused as to how it works exactly:

When you sign up, the RDIO interface will show a countdown for the first 7 days for an unlimited subscription. On Day 8, the account will automatically convert into free on the web for limited usage. If they want unlimited on the web, it’s 4.99 a month; unlimited on mobile it’s 9.99. But if they’re not heavy users, free on the web should suffice….


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