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[MP3 + Music Video] Chris Brown – Fine China

I know this is wild old in blog/online time but I just got up on it. Dubious racial imagery and content in the video and song respectively aside, I think record is kind of hot. When I was up at the plantation at 550, after he broke with “Run It” and his debut album, they always talked about how ‘Breezy’ had the talent to make a modern day Thriller. I don’t think he ever came close to doing that despite all the hits he had and he may never fully shake the cloud around his relationship with Rihanna and the fallout since, but this song (and video!) is evidence that, creatively, he may be getting back on track to fulfilling that early, original promise (or hope) of becoming the new Michael Jackson. Or not…

Bonus: check out a remix featuring Common at The Rap-Up HERE.


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