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[MP3] Mysonne Featuring Dave East, Fabolous & Raekwon – That’s How We On It (Remix)

Unlike some sites who take pride in remaining staunchly conservative and narrowly focused as to what they like and what they consider hip-hop, y’all know we keep it open-minded here at The Kitchen as far as where the genre goes as it changes and evolves (that actually goes for all music but we’re trying to make a point here!)

That being said, when we hear a classic sounding boom-bap banger that’s not just the same ole’ or just knocks a little harder or better than the average record of its ilk, it does a put a smile on our face. “That’s How We On It (Remix)” by underground general Mysonne featuring Wu vet, Raekwon, the seemingly ageless Fabolous and buzzy newcomer, Dave East is one such record. Get your neck brace on then hit play….


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