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Three Years Later: THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN… the album Revisted

Three years ago yesterday, the THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN… album was released. You can listen to it by hitting play above.

As a couple folks noted on my Facebook, “This sh-t still knocks….” Read all about it HERE.

Artist interview bonus reading:

01. The Names Are Known
02. King Reign (R.I.P.)
03. Keita Juma
04. Brendan Philip
05. Noah Vinson (note: now known as Prince Wiser)
06. Joel. / Arthur Lewis
07. J.Nolan
08. Jai Nitai Lotus
09. Audego
10. Emay
11. Third Mind
12. DJ M-Rock (note: now known as 416 Maneesh)
13. Mickey Factz


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#DK11: The album, This One Goes To Eleven… OUT NOW


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