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[MP3] Frank Ocean – Biking Feat. Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator

Surprise drop last week from Frank Ocean, Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator.

[MP3 + Music Video] AURORA – Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)

AURORA - Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)

Great, but perhaps too faithful (?), cover of Massive Attack‘s trip-hop classic, “Teardrop” by Australian group, Aurora. Perfect late night vibes….

[MP3] Mysonne Featuring Dave East, Fabolous & Raekwon – That’s How We On It (Remix)

Unlike some sites who take pride in remaining staunchly conservative and narrowly focused as to what they like and what they consider hip-hop, y’all know we keep it open-minded here at The Kitchen as far as where the genre goes as it changes and evolves (that actually goes for all music but we’re trying to make a point here!)

That being said, when we hear a classic sounding boom-bap banger that’s not just the same ole’ or just knocks a little harder or better than the average record of its ilk, it does a put a smile on our face. “That’s How We On It (Remix)” by underground general Mysonne featuring Wu vet, Raekwon, the seemingly ageless Fabolous and buzzy newcomer, Dave East is one such record. Get your neck brace on then hit play….

[MP3] DYLYN – Secret

Another one from the inbox that struck us as being a potentially big record:

DYLYN is the new project from singer/songwriter Gwendolyn Lewis who has been making music for a bit and already has a loyal following on socials. After a chance meeting with Colin Munroe (Sky Ferreira, Drake, Kendrick Lamar) in LA, Gwendolyn had a sort of revelation and decided she didn’t want to end up a pop puppet. Enter DYLYN – 80s synths, sultry vocals, and a dose of rock and roll. Her last single, “Mimosa”, saw streaming numbers in the hundreds of thousands. The song premiered with an in-depth interview at Popdust!

“This one is personal. My life was turned upside down and as a result this song emerged. ‘Secret’ became therapeutic, it helped me deal with this crazy thing that happens to so many people, yet often remains a taboo subject; especially in song. ‘Secret’ gave me a chance to connect with people, with my fans whose parents also split up due to infidelity; it became a way of reaffirming for myself and others “You are not the only one going through this.” Like I said, this one is personal.” – DYLYN

Follow DYLYN online: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

[MP3] Sir Sly – High

One from the inbox last week that we were digging:

Hello, this is Hayden from Sir Sly and I am writing the press release for our new single “High”.

Initially, we had someone else write it and they did a nice job—in fact, my favorite quote said that our new song “turns a hotel-room panic attack into a creative breakthrough” (true!). Still, I wanted to give you a bit more background, in chronological order, formatted by bullet points

April 20, 2014: It’s a day off on tour with The 1975. We’re colonizing a beige, Spartan room at the Courtyard Marriott in Oakland. Landon, our front man, steps out for a smoke.

Shortly thereafter, he becomes one with the universe. Additionally, my man sprawls out on the bathroom tile, smiling, scared, and stoned, naming off a list of people to whom he must give this newly discovered, all-encompassing, cosmic love.

September 16, 2014: The trip subsides, we finish the tour, and release an album called You Haunt Me. It does pretty well. My Mom tells all her friends about the time we played Conan, and how she heard us on the radio.

Deep inside, I’m a little disappointed because I read somewhere on the internet that we were supposed to be the next Coldplay, yet I still drive a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with a check engine light.

Over the next six months, we start, and later abandon, a sophomore album full of minimal electronic songs. The lyrics are mostly outward facing, obtuse, anxious. It was good, but Jamie xx we are not.

June 2015: Back at square one and thinking hard about words like “sonic” and “identity,” Jason makes a round, booming instrumental in his studio in Costa Mesa. I cobble together a sampled, sauntering drum beat on a bus in Italy. Landon comes up with this sticky melody that’s part talking, part singing, all feel. We get in a room and they meld together.

It ends up being a revisionist retelling of that April 2014 night with a wink and some rose-colored glasses, borne of a desire to have a song to dance to every show.

We feel like it’s good sh-t.

I play it for an anonymous Uber driver and he’s all in. My Dad hears it and says it is “poppier” than our old stuff. My brother loves it and posts it to his Instagram months before it’s released because he thinks it’s already out.

Now: “High” comes out. “It’s an upbeat anthem about ego death” lead singer Landon Jacobs told the biographer, while I was on the other line of the conference call. “It really opened up the honesty of the record.”

Fittingly, it’s the first song from a forthcoming album that is lived-in, loose, and against all odds, a celebration. Thanks for listening.

So there you have it. Y’all dig?

#DK11: The album, This One Goes To Eleven… OUT NOW


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