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[MP3] J.Nolan – Destiny Feat. Jae Franklin (from the Above the Fray EP)


The latest track, “Destiny” by Atlanta MC and #DK11 alum, J.Nolan with singer, Jae Franklin is a banger! Here’s the science on the track and the EP it comes from:

What’s going on good people? I haven’t written a blog post in awhile and I think it’s long overdue. So, quick update! My new EP, “Above The Fray” will be released primarily here on realjnolan.com on November 4th! It will be available for digital download and hard copies will also be available to order. You can pre-order your digital copy now here: http://realjnolan.com/productsep/above-the-fray

In tandem with that, I’d like to announce my official single from the project, “Destiny” featuring Jae Franklin. This song means a lot to me because it details when I first started writing songs and how I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing, despite all of the hardships I’ve endured along the way. Jae Franklin is an incredible songwriter and vocalist, some of you may remember the collaboration we did awhile ago called Cheers to Life. She actually ended up naming her album the same thing, so I’m honored to be a part of her journey.

I really need those of you that support me to really show up on November 4th because I’m doing this 100% independently. There’s no big blog sponsoring the project, no background financier, no popular artist endorsing or helping to present this release so this is strictly for the ones that have been down for the longest. It’s only gonna be $5 for the digital, and $8 for hard copies. Let’s show these people what real music is all about! God bless.


[MP3] Brian Breach – One Step Closer Feat. Mickey Factz (prod. by George Young)


New track by FL rapper, Brian Breach featuring #DK11 alum, Mickey Factz.

[MP3] The Game – True Colors/It’s On and 92 Bars


I was raving on Twitter earlier about how good the new album 1992 by Compton rapper, The Game was. I know people have their issues with him but he’s always been one of our favorites. From the Doggystyle-inspired artwork on in, this love letter to ’92 era LA is super solid. Don’t sleep!

ICYMI: Watch Two Music Videos from Solange Knowles’ A Seat At the Table Album


The videos for “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch the Hair” from Solange Knowles‘ surprise (?) #1 album, A Seat At the Table are fantastic as is the album. But you know the Kitchen was already knowing from the get!

[MP3] Dubb Santora – Money Came Feat. 2Cz


I don’t know nathan about this record, I just like it! It’s catchy af. I caught it on the FB page of the homie, Patrick Cornish of East Coast Digital Radio. I post enough ‘real’ sh-t, you can indulge me on this one (and a few more that might follow it, lol….)

#DK11: The album, This One Goes To Eleven… OUT NOW


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