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[MP3] Listen to Two Recent Tracks by Soulja Boy: Drop Head Phantom / Party

soulja Boy Party

Don’t underestimate the influence of Soulja Boy on the new school of Southern rappers like Migos and Rae Sremmurd, that’s poppin’ right now. Y’all act like he didn’t make a record that was the beat to freestyle over for a minute…

[Music Video + MP3] Keita Juma – Come Over Feat. Brendan Philip

Keita Juma Chaos Theory artwork

We posted the song a while ago but the excellent video for #DK11 album alums, Keita Juma and Brendan Philip collab track “Come Over” from Keita’s Chaos Theory album just dropped a couple weeks back so wanted to make sure we supported it here at the Kitchen as well. (BTW: we actually posted the video a while back on the DK Tumblr. Make sure you’re following us over there!)

Missed checking out the Chaos Theory album? Listen to it here: Tumblr | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Rdio

[MP3] Agallah The Don & Hus Kingpin – Gangsta 2K15 (Prod. Agallah The Don)

Agallah The Don & Hus Kingpin - Gangsta 2K15 (Prod. Agallah The Don) artwork

Recent track form the homie, Agallah The Don featuring another NYC I cat just got up on recently, Hus Kingpin. This one is a banger! Sounding, production-wise, like hit-making, commercial radio 50 cent in his prime. Nice one, Ag. I digs!

[MP3 + Music Video] Tona – Long Winded Road Feat. Adam Bomb

Tona - Long Winded Road Feat. Adam Bomb artwork

New video by two stalwarts of the Toronto underground hip-hop scene, Tona and Adam Bomb.

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[MP3] Jeremih – Planes Feat. J. Cole

Jeremih - Planes ft. J. Cole (Prod. Vinylz) artworks

Jeremih is a cult R&B artist who deserves to be bigger than just his sole (?) “Birthday Cake” mainstream hit and (currently) being feted primarily in hipster PBR&B circles. This banger of a track with current biggest rapper in the world, J. Cole may help rectify that situation.

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