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[MP3 + Music Video] Joyner Lucas – Sometimes

This track is cool but posted this one because they do a nice homage to Redman‘s “I’ll Bee Dat”, one of my favorite videos of all time, in the video. Hit the jump for an actually, IMHO, better track, “It’s You” featuring Baige O Bannon.


[MP3] Bitty McLean – Walk Away From Love


Throwback lover’s rock track from the UK, originally released about a decade ago now. Still love this tune though and it’s perfect Sunday afternoon listening, no?

[MP3] Thievery Corporation – Decollage (feat. Lou Lou Gleichkhani)

 Thievery Corporation Saudade artwork

Here’s the opening track from long-time electronic house duo, Thievery Corporation‘s album, Saudade, their tribute to the Brazilian sound of bossa nova. The album is great. You can listen to it here: DK Facebook | RDIO

[MP3] The Psychedelic Aliens – Blofonyobi Wo Atale

psychedelic-aliens Psycho African Beat (2010)

A little vintage African psyche rock to kick off your morning. From The Psychedelic Aliens 2010 album, Psycho African Beat on Academy LPs. Dig that? You can listen to the entire thing here: DK Facebook | Soundcloud | RDIO

[MP3] Listen to Two Tracks from KJ’s Peephole / Beach EP

KJ - peephole / beach ep

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we think KJ is that dude! Only discovered this even existed purely by accident by seeing the artwork on his Instagram while scrolling through my feed this am. This is more of his talent, “BSY (SAI)” is a vocal track, “NEW WAVVES” (“the sound of the morning“) an instrumental track. Looking forward to hearing this project, a seeming continuation of his fascination with all things aquatic-related??, in full.

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