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[MP3 + Music Video] Junia-T – Sky Is Falling Feat Kemikal

artwork video Junia-T feat. Kemi - Sky Is Falling (prod Junia-T)

Latest track and video written and produced by Toronto MC and Smash Brovas member, Junia T. Hit the the jump for a trippy but soulful remix too by JU$TUNLTD.




Truth be told I’m not a huge fan of these Toronto-based young, hip-hop jazzers, I think they’re a tad overrated, frankly. But this is pretty nice!

[MP3] Sweater Beats – Dark Matter Feat. A l l i e (Allie)

sweater beats dark matter allie

Here’s another Toronto singer. Some of you may recall hearing A l l i e (aka Allie for the less typographically pretentious) on The Kitchen from her Strange Creature EP. This time she is making a Brooklyn connect with producer, Sweater Beats on a track from his forthcoming Cloud City EP out on Oct. 28. Get the FREE download HERE.

[Revolt via Wanxo]

[MP3] Daniel Caesar – Violet

Daniel Caesar - Violet

Beautiful soulful track from local Toronto singer, Daniel Caesar which I highly recommend if you like James Blake, Sampha etc.

[MP3] Patty Crash – New Life

Patty Crash - New Life

Gonna post a few things I spotted on the homie, Wan Luv’s FB page starting with this I saw last week.

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