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[MP3 + Music Video] Modulok – Golden Rule feat. HR (of Bad Brains)

Modulok You Lok So Tragic artwork

From the homie, Modulok:

In the summer of 2012 I ventured to Washington D.C. to meet legendary Bad Brains front-man, HR, which was pretty high on my “things I need to do before I die” list. I slept on his floor, he cooked me dinner, and we got in the studio with a beat by Fresh Kils, Dave Stone (bassist for numerous DC area punk bands) Grant McGregor (of the Human Rights Band) on drums and Pablo Fiasco (a musical genius who used to play with The Pietasters, Iron Cross, and now runs something called Pablo Fiasco’s Reggae Sweatshop in Baltimore) on keys. Needless to say it was the experience of a lifetime. The result was a song called Golden Rule. And now there’s a video. Enjoy!

“Golden Rule” is from the album, You Look So Tragic which you can listen to in full on the DK facebook page HERE.

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[MP3] Sean Leon – Narcissus

Sean Leon  narcissus, THE DROWNING OF EGO artwork

Title track from Toronto MC, Sean Leon‘s recently released, narcissus, THE DROWNING OF EGO full-length project which you can listen to HERE. The album is great, everything Yeezus wanted to be, arty, creative progressive and forward-thinking but also something it was, to my ears, not: listenable! There are shades of Drake, A$AP Rocky and MCHG Hov in the aural mix too but all spun into something fresh and original. I digs. You??

Previously on The Kitchen:

- Sean LeonMy Side of Town

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[MP3] Devon Tracy – Make Em Believe feat. Nikko Lafre

Devon Tracy artwork

Recent track from young, Mississauga (west of Toronto suburb/city) MC, Devon Tracy off his #RoomFullOfMirrors EP that dropped last week.

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[MP3] Sonzeira – Southern Freeez

Sonzeira // Southern Freeez Gilles Peterson artwork

This one is for all my London and UK soul boys & girls and those who respect & understand that culture! This remake from a forthcoming Gilles Peterson-produced project and was released for Record Store Day yesterday. Here’s more details:

Taken from Gilles Peterson’s new album project Sonzeira, “Southern Freeez”, featuring Emanuelle Araújo on vocals, is an electronic bossa re-work of Freeez’s famous UK jazz-funk hit, due for exclusive release on 7” for Record Store Day Saturday 19th April.

The album Sonzeira – Brasil Bam Bam Bam features all new material produced by Gilles Peterson and is the product of him being a fan and a champion of Brazilian music in the club and on the radio for last 25 years; culminating in him bringing together the country’s finest artists all on one record for the very first time – under the artist collective Sonzeira.

[MP3] Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers – It Sure Is Funky

Strange Breaks & Mr Thing III, cover artworks

Cool steel pan cover of Ripple‘s “I Don’t Know What It Is, but It Sure Is Funky” from a forthcoming BBE compilation. Peep the science:

Killer track from Strange Breaks & Mr Thing III, due out on a very limited 7″ single May 2014

Five years on from the last, BBE is proud to present the next installment of Strange Breaks & Mr Thing. In this digital age the beating heart of modern R&B and hip-hop remains as vintage soul, funk and jazz. Like the previous volumes, Strange Breaks & Mr Thing III contains a collection of killer cutz; some you’ve probably never heard of, some which may make you go: “I recognize this sample!”… because it was once used as the backdrop for a classic Hip Hop track. If you liked the legendary “Strange Games” compilation series on BBE compiled by the likes of Kenny Dope & DJ Spinna, you’ll love “Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing”.

UK Hip-Hop producer and acclaimed DJ Mr. Thing has been busier than ever circling the globe, filling dance floors as well as adding rare 45s to his ever growing collection now he’s shaing those nuggets with us.

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