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[MP3] NEW Sleigh Bells – That Did It Feat. Tink

Sleigh Bells "That Did It" Feat. Tink artwork

Was a huge fan of Sleigh Bells when they first came out and their secret show at Tattoo during NXNE this summer was incredible. That being said, this new track is cool but I miss the massive drums and abrasive, epic wall of guitar noise that was the hallmark of their production sound before. This feels toned down and at times verges on a Top 40 pop radio feel. Maybe they’ll pick up a ton of new fans as a result of their new ‘mass appeal’ sound but they may lose a few of their original ones like me in the process.

[MP3] Listen to Four Recent Tracks By Bobby Creekwater

artworks Bobby Creekwater Rudeboi

 Bobby Creekwater It's Just Different artworks

artwork Bobby Creekwater - People Up There

artwork Bobby Creekwater - Violet Blonde (Produced by Bobby Creekwater)

Used to support this dude back in the day when he was, I believe, signed to Shady records. Apparently he’s been on a two year hiatus and almost gave up doing music altogether but now he’s back and, based on these recent tracks, he hasn’t missed a step. Agree?

[MP3] Listen to Three Recent Tracks By A$AP Ferg

 asapferg This Side (feat. YG)(prod. THE FAM) artwork

 A$AP Ferg - Doe-Active (prod. by Stelios Phili)  artwork

A$AP Ferg Perfume artwork

Listen, if you hate the fact that NYC MCs apologetically rap in a Southern style nowadays and are winning has become a… erm, fact of life, well there are other options for you out there (as I learned this morning!)

[MP3] Listen to Tracks by Producers Featured at the First Groundwork Party

Embrace‎ presents GROUNDWORK w/ GANZ & PUSHER @ Studio Bar | November 13

Super late pass on this but I’ve been busy. Groundwork is a new weekly party here in Toronto that started last week showcasing the best in new school beat making & production (think a T.dot version of LA’s Low End Theory party for for rough reference purposes). If you check out the tracks below, a GANZ remix of Crystal Fighters and original tracks & remixes from Hrmxny and Pusher, you know this is gonna be a fiya party:

Next Groundwork this Thursday (Nov. 20), get details HERE.

[MP3] DJ Holiday Feat. Meek Mill, Future, T.I. & Stuey Rock – Flexin On Em

DJ Holiday ft Meek Mill, Future, T.I. & Stuey Rock – Flexin On Em artwork

What is there to say about this track? It’s Meek Mill, Future and T.I. The fact that it’s a banger should come as no surprise.

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