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Music Video: Karen Jules – Jonny

Know nothing about this new T.dot soul singer, Karen Jules but here’s a plug I swiped from 1vibe.net who originally posted this video:

About Karen Jules – a Christian Artist with a musician’s heart. A writer,addressing the world we live in through eyes that know that God is real. Done with a voice that can speak to hearts, simply by its sound, even without the words. Her first experimentation with music was as a hip hop inspired poet and rapper driven by the socially reflective wordplay of the second golden era of 1990’s hip hop. While her love for thoughtful lyrics would stay with her, it was her singing voice that would prove to be her gift. Along the way Karen discovered lyrics and melodies which reached more deeply into her heart, bringing listeners into her prayer closet– ultimately resonating with their own personal experiences in powerful ways. Comfortable over a variety of sounds, Karen brings questions about AIDS and gun violence, stories of friendship and disappointment in relationships, and the presence of God’s light and touch of destiny in all of us over a backdrop which ranges from jazzy instrumental to head-nodding soul, and even house. With more songs written then she has time to record, Karen is now carefully selecting the pieces that she will share with the world.

She’s got a bit of a Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle thing going on, no? I digs though….

[1vibe.net via City on my Back]

New Single from Miguel – Sure Thing

Miguel’s first single, “All I Want is You” featuring J. Cole took a minute to catch on from tastemaker bloggers to mainstream urban radio but it happened which is a testament to good music and the patience of his label, Jive Records to stick with him. See, not all major labels are the Devil. Some of them still believe in real talent and are willing to see the artist development process through. This is a solid follow-up which hopefully will continue to build the story for this new talent. Y’all dig?

[via the home, Raize]

New Music: The Jack Moves – A Fool For You

Apparently this is actually not a throwback and is a song by a group from Asbury Park, NJ (yes, as in where ‘The Boss’, Bruce Springsteen is from. Side bar: this might be the only time Bruce Springsteen ever gets mentioned on this blog!)

The Jack Moves – A Fool For You [direct mp3 download link - please right click and save as]

[via Steady Bloggin']

Two Videos from Toronto Spoken Word Artist Quentin Vercetty

The first video, “Where I’m From” was produced by Team Seven and shot with a Canon 7d with music contribution from Andrew Forde, JD Keys and Rich Kidd.

Here an explanation from director Team Seven on the second video above, “Through the Eyes of a Child”:

When I first heard the poem, I felt that it begged to have some visuals accompany it.

Exploring a-day-in-the-life approach, we shot over two days in and around Regent Park, Toronto – Canada’s largest housing project. Although Regent is undergoing a face-lift, I wanted to keep the ruggedly beautiful esthetic (sic) of the old buildings front and centre.

The music was scored by a trio of wickedly talented guys: Andrew Forde, JD Keyes and Rich Kidd.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shooting it.

Like what you hear? Check out Quentin Vercetty online.

[via 1 Love T.O. / TOflo.com]

Check out Jamiroquai’s Rock Dust Light Star Album in FULL!

It’s been a loooong time since Jamiroquai was the coolest thing going in music but you know what – I wouldn’t have put money down on it, but his new album, Rock Dust Light Star actually sounds pretty good! Check out a stream of it below courtesy Gun Sin:

After the jump, watch videos from the album for “White Knuckle Ride” and “Blue Skies.” (more…)


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