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Started in the Fall of 2003, Other Music From A Different Kitchen, formerly known as Notes From A Different Kitchen and more commonly  just as Different Kitchen, was one of the early pioneering sites to blog about hip hop music & culture at the advent of the mainstream blogging movement. But what separates The Kitchen from the glut of tired, derivative and personality-free ‘content aggregators’ is our incredibly discerning, good taste and a more global, cosmopolitan and open-minded perspective that has led to sharing other genres of music, ideas and topics of relevance with our readership. That attitude and mindset has made The Kitchen a singularly, unique blog media experience, second to none, not to be duplicated anywhere else online.

That experience has also led to Different Kitchen being chosen one of Vibe magazine’s Top 50 hip hop blogs as well as one of XXL magazine’s 100 Best Hip-Hop Web Sites. The Kitchen was also proclaimed “by far [one of the two] greatest hip hop blogs on the block” by the esteemed Guardian newspaper of England. It is frequently linked to by other blogs as well being referenced and quoted by other respected and well-known mainstream & mass media outlets like The New York Times, Slate, New York magazine, Idolator and VH1′s “Best Week Ever”.

Some of the best posts from the original version of Different Kitchen have been ported over and more will continue to be ported over time, but to catch up on what you missed from Different Kitchen 1.0, you can read the entire thing by CLICKING HERE.

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