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[MP3] Omar LinX – Way With You (Prod. Zeds Dead)

This is one of the best tracks we’ve heard this dude, Omar LinX ever do. Shout to Zeds Dead on the epic beat.

[MP3] Jerelle – Swimming / Tidal Wave

New Toronto-based ‘fusion’ hip-hop artist blending Hip-hop, R&B, Soul and “a touch of Rock.” Jerelle Fisher is giving me kind Raury‘s older brother vibes mixed with a little Miguel (on “Swimming”, at least). Very water-heavy imagery on both tracks, huh?

Toronto hip hop artist Jerelle has been making waves this past year with his project “Undertow”, a collaborative project between main songwriter and performer Jerelle alongside his team; Colton Maddigan, Eduardo Guerrero, Mat Breiner, Courtney Rose, Sofie Monaro, Nick Cassidy, Shelby Randel, Greg Bradley.

“The project in a whole was my first push with this group of creatives, and our first push commercially in the industry. Calling it the Undertow is meant to represent the pull and the undertow our wave of sound will bring. Pulling people in with the unique boundary breaking sound. The whole project was written and inspired by real raw emotions I was going through for the past year or so. I write in the most personal way possible, giving the listener a little piece of myself with every song..” – Jerelle

This genre bending project that will keep you on edge with every song being different but will leave you with that familiar feeling. Drawing on 90’s hip hop, early 2000’s R&B this electrifying project is bound to get you moving and grooving.

His first single “Tidal Wave” was release in October 2017. His newest single “Swimming” was written off fresh feeling. The hook “I be swimming in women” was an attempt for Jerelle to cloud the memory of a past love, by trying to be with other women, and keeping his old flame in the deepest corners of his mind. The more he had done so, the more it killed him inside.

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[MP3] Jigsaw – On My Mind / Look At Me Do It

It’s been a tough year for young, up-and-coming Toronto rapper, Jigsaw, not the least of it being losing his close friend this summer, but he’s been healing or turning that pain into great new music. The song “On My Mind” is a reflection on the neighborhood and environment he comes from. Which track do you like better though?

Wanna add either of Jigsaw’s “On My Mind” or “Look At Me Do It” to your playlists? Links below:

“On My Mind” – Tidal | Apple | Spotify
“Look At Me Do It” – Tidal | Apple | Spotify

[MP3] Listen to Two Recent Tracks from 11:11 – Home / Good Love

11:11 is one of the more promising artists riding the wave of the ‘Toronto Sound.’ Dude’s got hits or, at least, a very commercial sound. He could be next to blow! Wanna see what all the fuss is about around this buzzy new artist, you can check him out headlining the The Come Up Show’s 10th Anniversary concert at Adelaide Hall in Toronto on Nov. 30.

[MP3] Charlotte Day Wilson – Doubt

Toronto’s Charlotte Day Wilson has a phenomenal voice that she put to exceptionally good use on her debut CDW EP. She’s back with a new single, “Doubt” and we here at The Kitchen welcome her return. Was “Doubt” worth the wait?

#DK11: The album, This One Goes To Eleven… OUT NOW


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