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[MP3 + Music Video] King Reign – Santa Romeo (prod. by Darp Malone)

This is a bittersweet post. I’m happy to have new music from long time Kitchen favorite, King Reign but still heartbroken by his way premature passing last summer. It’s often about those who pass at an early age but, in Reign’s case it’s really true, he still had his whole life ahead of him and so much potential to fulfill. This new song, the first of more promised unreleased new music from Reign’s catalog, only reveres to underscore the point. #RIPKingReign….

King Reign’s finesse as a storyteller is a common theme in his music. Sadly, we lost the Toronto native last year. He was a celebrated and driving force in the hip hop community, and his memory will be honoured through the release of unreleased tracks, including the brand new single, “Santa Romeo”. By continuing to celebrate and share his legacy, we wish to maintain the positive impact he had.

“Santa Romeo” is a humorous story on the romantic highs and lows of a casanova that highlights many aspects of his artistry with storytelling, humour and unequivocal charm. Produced by Darp Malone, with a DJ Skratch Bastid drum edit and featuring Ivana Santilli on the horn, this track takes the listener on an adventure laden series of events with action packed, visual lyrics with upbeat, horn filled music. It’s a light hearted commentary on the always prevalent narrative of a lothario finding himself caught in a sticky situation with the chorus highlighting his unmistakably soulful voice, questioning “she loves me, she loves me not”. The whimsical yet relatable nature of “Santa Romeo” will be accompanied with a stunning upcoming animated video, to be released soon. One can’t help but visualize Reign’s words, and this special talent of his is remarkably prevalent with Santa Romeo. This is the first single to be released with a lot more new music on the horizon!

Play / Buy King Reign – Santa Romeo online: iTunes | Apple Music | Spotify | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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[Music Video + MP3] River Tiber – Acid Test

Sorry, I’ve been incognito. Been working on this (more on that later…) Gonna try and be a bit more on my DK game. First off, song’s been out for like forever, but here’s a ‘new’ video from Toronto’s River Tiber for this track from his excellent Indigo album.

[MP3] Ciara – Body Party (Quincy’s Crate Remix)

My boy dj NaNa (you should know his name from his group, The Names Are Known‘s track on the 2014 #DK11 comp) pulled this unreleased remix of Ciara‘s “Body Party” by him and eMDee (under the name, Quincy’s Crate) out of the stash a couple weeks and let me know about it, so here it is for your enjoyment. Tell us what you think of it: drop a comment or Tweet / Facebook us!

[MP3] Solange – Rise (Jai Nitai Lotus Rework)

Even though we already wrapped up 2016, we’re gonna take some time to share some loosies from near the end of last year that we loved but never got around to posting for one reason or another starting with this Jai Nitai Lotus Solange remix. One of our favorite rappers remixes a track from one of our favorite albums this year??! No brainer!

This is most definitely RIYL status if you dig Soulection-type sounds. Salute, Jai and sorry, even though we’re wild late in general putting this up, that we didn’t at least do it in time for your birthday yesterday. Consider this a belated a gift!

[MP3] Jazz Cartier – PREE


New Jazz Cartier! What y’all think of it?? Jazz is also playing a Hennessy-sponsored show next week here in ‘The 6.’ Sniff around and maybe you can find the details on how to get in gratis courtesy of 1 Love T.O.

#DK11: The album, This One Goes To Eleven… OUT NOW


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