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[MP3] Listen to Two Recent Tracks from Tasha the Amazon – My Level / Nowhere Feat. RetcH

tasha the amazon - my level

tasha the amazon - nowhere feat. retch

Toronto’s resident bad girl MC, Tasha the Amazon has dropped a pair of heaters in the past couple weeks. Y’all dig? You know what my takeaway from listening to them was though? Don’t invite Tasha over to your crib if you just bought a new couch. Ouch!

[MP3] Angel Haze – Impossible

angel-haze-impossible-single artwork

This Angel Haze joint is a banger, don’t sleep!

[MP3] Gunplay Feat. Stalley & Currensy – Chain Smoking

Gunplay ft. Stalley & Currensy - Chain Smoking artwork

A little #TBT post. Partially posted to prove to a friend who thinks I’m prejudiced against Gunplay and Chief Keef unnecessarily (even though I’ve posted music by both of them). I happen to think both in their past have, frankly, been a cancer on hip-hop but Gunplay seems to have matured and I’m willing to admit when either of these dudes is catching a bad break and to post music by them when it’s actually good. Having Kitchen favorites, Stalley and Curren$y on board too doesn’t hurt either!

[MP3] Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) – Basquiat Ghostwriter

Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) – Basquiat Ghostwriter artwork

Yasiin Bey‘s commentary on the spate of police brutality cases in the US inspired by graffiti and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Love!

[MP3] Here’s All The Recent #DrakevsMeek Tracks You Need To Be Up On and More!

Drake Cover Art Collage #DrakevsMeek

Two salvos in the #DrakevsMeek war and a couple other CDQ’s for tracks Aubrey premiered on his new Apple Music OVO radio show. Or am I wrong here? I’ve been told that “Hotline Bling” might be another dis track??

My take on this in this so-called beef could be way off but I feel like Meek Mills, after opening this can of worms, has been largely M.I.A. and taking crazy L’s? Dude was here in The 6 last night on his girl, Nicki Minaj‘s Pinkprint Tour and, with the eyes of the whole world (or at least hip-hop twitter) on him, was poised to drop a neutron bomb in response to Drake’s dis tracks and then… nothing??! Someone s’plain this to me, please!

Beef aside though, as a bonus, hit the jump for Drake’s cameo on Wizkid‘s “Ojuelegba (Remix)” also featuring buzzy UK grime MC, Skepta which dropped a couple weeks back ICYMI:


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