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[MP3] Frank Ocean – Biking Feat. Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator

Surprise drop last week from Frank Ocean, Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator.

[MP3] Listen to Three Tracks by Kaytranada’s Little Brother, Rapper Lou Phelps…

Dude’s spit game is aight but methinks Lou Phelps probably gets more attention than he probably warrants due to his connection to Kaytranada. Or am I being a little too harsh here??

[MP3 + Music Video] AURORA – Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)

AURORA - Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)

Great, but perhaps too faithful (?), cover of Massive Attack‘s trip-hop classic, “Teardrop” by Australian group, Aurora. Perfect late night vibes….

[MP3 + Music Video] Toronto Rapper, Robin Banks: More Than Just A Local Shooting Victim Headline!

I will admit I was not familiar with local Toronto rapper, Robin Banks when his name appeared in the news as the unfortunate (but thankfully, not fatal) victim of a shooting incident recently.

I did kind of roll my eyes skeptically when he was described as a rapper though. Nevertheless, I decided to check out his music anyway, especially when a couple folks whose knowledge and taste I really respect, cosigned his music grind and was happy to hear that he was indeed a legit talented artist and not just someone mixing it up in the streets with delusions of rap life grandeur. In fact, he’s already been influencing the ‘6ix God’, getting well wishes from Drake nemesis, Meek Mill and is part of a burgeoning Somali-based hip-hop scene in the city so here’s to Robin’s speedy recovery and return to the recording studio to build on his promising career.

[MP3] Listen to Two Tracks from Toronto Rapper, ShaqisDope

Another (pun intended) dope rapper from The 6ix on the come-up. True to the first track here, ShaqisDope‘s flow is vaguely reminiscent of ‘King Push’, Pusha T but he’s definitely his own man on the mic.

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