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[MP3] Roger Singh Kahlon – A N O T H E R / W A V E [aka ‘Another/Wave’]

Roger Singh Kahlon - Another Wave artworks-

You may remember the name, Roger Singh Kahlon from his excellent “Black Valentine” track. Here’s goes the latest track from this Bay Area by way of Brooklyn, left-of-center MC. Equally chill and downtempo, this is probably not the greatest track to post sliding into the weekend though. Bookmark it and come back to it Sunday or Monday evening!

[MP3 + Music Video] Lil Mama – Sausage

Lil Mama - Sausage artwork

The Kitchen was a major supporter of Lil Mama back in the day, as other tastemaker sites will attest to, before she became notorious. This is her first new record in a long while (as far as I know) capitalizing on the #sausagemovement. I’d say it was a tad too late and a tad, no pun intended, kitchen sink-ish (as my dude Sledge put it: “[there’s] way too much going on….”) but it was trending on twitter this morning so clearly a lot of poeple still care about her so who am I to say?

[MP3] C0M1X – Gowanopolis


A nice housey electro-disco instrumental track from the Brooklyn (Gowanopolis: Gowanus+opolis, geddit??) homie, Dan Freeman to kick off your weekend.

[MP3] JadaKiss x Rick Ross – Eastern Conference Finals

JadaKiss x Rick Ross Eastern Conference Final #T5DOA artwork

Anthemic, banger sh-t. Re: Rozay’s verse, gotta respect Bron-bron, right? And love how ‘Kiss always drops references to clutch driving. Standard drive >

These two Top 5 (#T5DOA) though??? Hmmm….

[MP3] Third Mind – Read Thru (prod. Alex Trevelyan)

Third mind Read Thru artwork

And yet another #DK11 album alum, NJ’s Third Mind, drops some music.

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