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[MP3] JR Castro Feat. Timbaland – FMN (Prod. By Timbaland)

JR Castro Ft. Timbaland - "FMN" (Prod By Timbaland)

New R&B production by the ‘Emperor of Sound‘, Timbaland. We digs!

[MP3] Alchemist – Jabroni Feat. Migos & Mac Miller

alchemist  Jabroni Feat. Migos & Mac Miller

Different sound with BIG drums for Alchemist on this one, plus autotune! That might have a few purists’ panties in a bunch, I’m betting….

[MP3] Spin So Nice – Kiesha

Spin So Nice - Kiesha

Some late night dub vibes from Toronto DJ Joe G‘s Spin So Nice project. Regular readers may remember that name from a track titled, “Mikomba” that we posted a few weeks back. Let us know what you think of this brand new track

[MP3] Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Obey Me (Shash’U Remix)

Ol' Dirty Bastard  - OBEY ME  Shash'U remix

New ODB track apparently previously unreleased.

[MP3] Belau Feat. Hegyi Dori – Island Of Promise / Distant Bay

Belau Feat. Hegyi Dori - Island Of Promise

Belau Feat. Hegyi Dori - Distant Bay

Sick of the new Adele already? You might could wanna try new artist, Belau whose music is, give or take, like a hipster variation on what she does to my ears.

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