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[Exclusive Different Kitchen Premiere] Audego – Glaciers (Album)

Long-time readers know we are super fans of Australian electronic soul duo, Audego here at The Kitchen. Aroly Tariq‘s plaintive, emotion-filled vocals over Pasobionic‘s edgy & dark but funky beats have made for some amazing music to date.

We’ve told the story multiple times about first discovering their music while screening submissions for NXNE and subsequently corralling them into sharing a track for our 11th anniversary This One Goes To Eleven… compilation back in 2014. That track “Gone” ended up becoming the hit of the comp and, lo and behold, two years here it is as part of Audego’s latest album, Glaciers which we have an exclusive preview listening copy of right here on the Kitchen.

As described by Audego vocalist, Aroly: “Glaciers is a culmination of our experiences in the last two years that we haven’t been able to process through conversation. We aren’t talkative people, so dropping “Glaciers” is our way of breaking the ice between us and everybody else.”

Glaciers has 4 unreleased tracks and will feature all the scattered singles Audego have dropped through the past 2 years.

[MP3] Listen to a Rare Unreleased 1991 Track by De La Soul – Sho Nuff

De_La_Soul_Is_Dead album cover art

de la soul -For Your Pain and Suffering Free EP

This track was a left-over track from the sessions for De La Soul‘s acclaimed sophomore album, De La Soul is Dead. Been a good couple weeks for De La fans: this, a FREE EP (hit the jump) in advance of their new album (you know, “for your pain and suffering….” after waiting 11 years for it) and then yesterday a trailer for the new album, and the Anonymous Nobody. Rejoice!


[MP3] Birdman – Respek

respek-birdman_single cover artwork

When I first encountered this, I didn’t even know it was a Birdman-inspired meme. But within 48 hours or so, I was up to speed. Shout to Birdman for taking full advantage, lol….

[MP3] Audego – Motions


Audego Motions

Perfect late night vibes right here…

Long time readers know I have a lot of affection for soulful Australian electronic music duo, Audego. So much so that I asked them to be part of my 11th anniversary compilation album project, This One Goes To Eleven…. and they graciously agreed to it and contributed the track, “Gone” which subsequently became the most played track from the comp.

“Gone” will also be on their forthcoming EP (or will it be a full album?), working title, Glaciers that they’ve working on for the better part of the past year or so. It looks like Glaciers (or whatever it ends up being called) is now coming soon because a new single, “Motions” just dropped last week. Those familiar with Audego already know the drill: off-kilter but funky beats by Pasobionic topped by hauntingly beautiful vocals from Aroly Tariq.

Like what you hear? Get “Motions” for FREE or donation on Audego’s Bandcamp page.

Follow Audego Online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

[Music Video + MP3] Desiigner – Panda

Desiigner - Panda Single Cover Artwork

A video posted by Desiigner (@lifeofdesiigner) on

Video for what might end up being the song of the year just dropped on Tidal (no embed or YouTube/VEVO link though, Hov?? Damn….) with creative by and an on-screen feature by Brooklyn teen MC, Desiigner‘s new label boss, Kanye West.

Is “Panda” the harbinger of the new New York (or is the old New York new again?) or is Desiigner a one-hit wonder? Time will tell.

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