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[MP3] The Roots – It Ain’t Fair Feat. Bilal (From The “Detroit” Soundtrack)

Been hearing mixed things on the Detroit movie from a socio-political point of view, but the soundtrack is actually pretty decent: mostly 60’s/Motown (natch) soul and R&B and not just the well-worn, obvious selections à la The Big Chill.

The standout new track on the album though, “It Ain’t Fair” by The Roots and Bilal channelling Curtis Mayfield is an absolute scorcher of a protest soul anthem, perfect for these Black Lives Matter, Trump era times we live in. Seriously, you could write a thesis on this track.

It probably would’ve have happened anyway but hearing it for the first time in the wake of having just watched the current so-called President of the United States advocating, even in a joking manner as he’s now claiming, for more police brutality, had us feeling all the feels. We had to take a moment. Goosebumps (and even a few tears, it’s that powerful) for real. Just mind-blowing brilliance.

[MP3 + Music Video] Knox Fortune – Lil Thing

We caught this one on our Soundcloud feed (BTW, WTF, Soundcloud??!) but when we checked our email (a rare occurrence nowadays so act accordingly but still please don’t expect a rapid response, life is busy nowadays!) we saw the homies from Biz3 had sent this to us too with the following promo blurb attached:

Chicago producer / artist Knox Fortune has his solo LP coming and here’s a new track / video from it. Shot with a super 16 camera and at his former abode (his recently torn down home dubbed Chillers Paradise) the track is drenched in summer vibes and easy to see why he’s frequently called on by many of Chicago’s elite artists for guest vocals (Chance The Rapper) and production (Towkio, Joey Purp, KAMI)

Now go hit play on this while you head outdoors and enjoy the glorious weather this Sunday and the rest of the weekend!

[MP3] Belly – P.O.P.

New music from that ‘kid’ and, as of late, XO and Roc Nation affiliate, Belly.

[MP3] Saukrates – Hate Runs Deep (2017 Version) Feat. Choclair, Kardinal Offishall & Marvel)

A Canadian underground hip-hop classic get revisited. We approve!

More of a press blurb via CityonmyBack.com:

Before hip-hop became a global entity, Saukrates established himself as a pioneer of the Canadian scene. His work behind the boards set the gold production standard for Canadian staples ranging from K-OS to Kardinal Offishall, while his work behind the mic resulted in what’s arguably the most influential Canadian hip-hop album of all time: The Underground Tapes.

Debuted in 1999, the record that certified Saukrates’ legendary status is now slated for a long awaited re-release that will place it on DSPs worldwide for the very first time. Featuring remastered versions of the original tracklist that includes guest verses from names like Common and Xzibit, it’s also complemented by b-sides and remixes. Saukrates has this to say about the re-release:

“To have the opportunity to re-release THE UNDERGROUND TAPES LP is truly exciting for me. So many fans, old and new, have been requesting it be made available again and this is flattery at its finest. Now, almost 20 years later and using all the new technology, we’re ready to do it again and reach all those who missed the chance to add this LP to their collection.

P.S. We’ve added a few extra gems of past and present for you all to enjoy as well.. Thanks for all the support through all the years!!”

Saukrates has debuted a fresh remix of “Hate Runs Deep” featuring Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, and Marvel before The Underground Tapes is re-released in its entirety on July 28th. Saukrates will celebrate the release by providing direct support to Redman and Method man on July 28th at Bandshell Park in Toronto (tickets are available HERE).

(Also viewable via YouTube.)

[MP3] The Souljazz Orchestra – Lufunki

First single from Ottawa, ON Afrobeat group, The Souljazz Orchestra‘s forthcoming new album (their 8th studio album!), Under Burning Skies. Clearly, they have been influenced by all the Afro Synth, Afro electronic stuff like William Onyeabor that’s been in vogue as of late, no? Y’all dig though?

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